The Transformed program serves to acclimate single mothers who have arrived through the refugee resettlement process. After the initial federal assistance has expired, Amaanah works closely with our clients for a period of 10 months and focuses attention on areas such as financial literacy, employment, language development, transportation, and housing.

Below is a snapshot of the participants in 2017 Transformed session:

Participants Age Range

18 to 24 years old
25 to 34 years old
35 to 44 years old
45+ years old


No Education
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Post Secondary

Duration in the U.S.

1 year or less
1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years

Transformed provides women with a comprehensive, clear, and detailed plan for the path toward financial independence and social acclimation. Our team works with participants to develop a strategy for self-sufficiency. They also identify services needed by the family to remove barriers to self-sufficiency, refer them to supporting agencies, and track the women’s progress towards their goals.

Often referred by partner agencies, program participants go through a thorough screening process before being invited to participate. During the program, our Transformed team provides support and trains the participants in the following areas:

  • Rental credits
  • Utility assistance
  • Transportation assistances
  • Social integration
  • Financial literacy
  • Employment referrals
  • English as a second language classes

These services are customized based on the specific needs of each Transformed mother. The program links and coordinates assistance from other institutions and organizations providing medical, education, and other types of support.

The underlying principle of our program is to meet the basic unmet needs of our clients to help them shift their focus to long-term stability. Transformed provides participants with a strategic and self-driven approach to independence.

I got help finding a job. First part-time and then full-time. The English classes and the rent Amaanah paid helped my family. Thank you to all the people that support Amaanah. I am very happy to change my life through this program, compared to before.

– 2016 Transformed Participant