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02 Feb: For Refugees in the Trump Era, a Tougher Path to the U.S.
Afkab Hussein takes advantage of his commutes as a truck driver in Columbus, Ohio to speak to his wife and son, both of whom live in Nairobi, Kenya. They talk every day, sometimes for more than three hours, and his wife tells him about the words their two-year-old, Abdullahi, has learned in their native Somali.
26 Jan: Dr. Saba, welcome to the team!
We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Saba Ahmed is Amaanah's newest board member. Dr. Saba has been a long-time supporter and advocate for Amaanah's work. You can learn more about her and our other team members at https://refugeelink.com/who-we-are/ Dr. Saba, welcome to the team!
05 Jan: TEDxUH Video | Ghulam Kehar
With Houston being one of the biggest cities for refugee resettlement in America, Ghulam decides to break down the situation of refugee resettlement from various perspectives, in particular the financial angle, and asks, are refugees really a burden on the American society?
tough mudder
12 Dec: Tough Mudder 2017 Video
Last month, Amaanah's Tough Mudder team conquered the course in Houston and raised more than $20,000 for resettled refugee students. Thank you to all our participants and supporters for making this happen. Our next event will take place in May 2018! Let's go!!
28 Nov: Love from the Indiana Pacers!
Today, Amaanah received a very special shipment. 2 pallets worth of brand new toys were delivered to us, courtesy of JAKKS Pacific and the Indiana Pacers. All the toys will be gifted to students in the Awesome Academy! Thank you to both these wonderful organizations for their generosity. Thank you to the Houston Rockets for being such great ambassadors of Houston and highlighting the good in our city!