What Our Volunteers Have Said

  • "I love Amaanah's mission, and the plight of refugees weighs heavy on my heart. Volunteering with Amaanah gives me a chance to directly impact those families and show my support for their community."
    — Jennifer Nguyen

  • "I'm very honored to work with Amaanah and to be able to work with refugees coming to Houston. Amaanah is an essential organization for these families and the support it provides them is invaluable and life-changing. It's a great experience to volunteer at Amaanah, and a very rewarding and fun way to help out our new neighbors in this city."
    — Ahmed Khan

  • "It's been an inspiring six months working with the coaches and kids of the Universal Soccer League. Everyone has worked so hard to build the program and to keep it running. My small part in its success has been deeply rewarding and I hope to be involved for a long time to come."
    — Richard Spragg

  • “To be part of helping the lives of refugees at Amaanah has been a tremendously rewarding experience. I volunteer at the Attic. There has been nothing as satisfying than witnessing refugees picking up my own children’s donated clothing for their children with a big smile on their face. It is wonderful to see that even a little help at Amaanah, can go a long way in the challenging lives of refugees.”
    — Aishah Qureshi

  • "Amaanah has a very special place in my heart. My experiences volunteering and interacting with people at Amaanah have been very humbling and fulfilling. I find a lot of joy in spending my time volunteering there, and I have tremendous respect for their mission and their efforts."
    — Fatima Sheriff

  • "I love volunteering for Amaanah. I help in the office and the Attic during the week. It's always rewarding to see the families who come for help leave with smiles on their faces. I really appreciate Amaanah's kind and thoughtful staff, as well. They do their best to ensure that their volunteers enjoy the experience."
    — Elizabeth Shittu

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